One of the salient characteristics of DialRapid is its flagship partnership program. It widens the scope of revenue for healthcare providers. Healthcare providers of various categories can benefit from this partnership program by offering specialised virtual receptionist services to their existing clients apart from their regular services and maximise profit in the process. By offering virtual receptionist services as a value-added service they can successfully retain their existing customers as well as generate new prospects.

Partnership opportunities for transcription companies

Transcription companies are entrusted to offer the job of medical documentation. But they cannot afford to offer specialised services like virtual receptionist. However these companies are provided the opportunity of facilitating their clients specialized services like virtual receptionist by acting as an extended arm of DialRapid.

  • Partnership with DialRapid would give transcription companies a bigger scope to earn revenue and a greater space to operate.
  • By availing DialRapid’s partnership program, these companies can offer intuitive virtual receptionist services to their existing clients and generate more sales prospects.

Partnership opportunities for billing companies

The partnership program of DialRapid can benefit billing companies. Physicians can have multiple benefits.

  • Billing companies can integrate their existing services into DialRapid and gain more sales prospects.
  • Orders of billing companies get multiplied.
  • Users of DialRapid can avail the services of this integrated feature and save considerable time in getting the bills approved.
  • These users can also avail the advantages of integrated export functionality of super bill in HL7 format.
  • Users can be well informed about the entire approval process conducted by the billing companies which ensures complete transparency of the system.

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