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Every physician’s success in terms of marketability is parallel to its credibility as a doctor. It is also paralleled to how his clinic operates. By using a virtual receptionist, the doctor can maximize the clinics potential by not compromising actual medical work. The doctor can leave the tedious clerical task to the virtual receptionist with ease and comfort.

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Call Mangement

Can I customize Call routing?

Yes DialRapid offers you the ability to fully customize the call routing.

Will callers know they are talking to a receptionist service?

We answer all of your calls on behalf of your business. The vast majority of the time, your callers will just assume that the person they are speaking with is a receptionist in your office.
The only time we will ever tell the caller that we are a receptionist service is if we are asked directly.

How do I know what happens on each call?

Our receptionists take down all of the relevant information from each caller, and sends you a call summary email after each call, so that you are always up to date on what is happening with your business.
We also offer the option to send these call notes to you via text as well!

My practice has more than one location; can they share an account?

You bet! For a small fee, your practice can share a pool of minutes.

Is it possible to get a toll free number?

Yes, we can buy an additional toll free number for your practice.

Can I have customized hold music?

Yes, we can customize the hold music for you.


Are human answering the calls?

Patients will hear an actual human voice on the line right away when they call.

Can you make outbound calls on my behalf?

We certainly can! Our virtual receptionists are happy to place calls to relay information or confirm appointments on your behalf.
These minutes are simply charged on pay-per-minutes basis.

Will you give out information about the insurance companies that we accept?

Yes, we will share the list of insurance companies that are accepted by your medical practice.

What will the receptionist say when she answers the phone?

Our virtual receptionists will answer your calls with your personalized greeting. Greetings typically include “Good Morning/Good Afternoon” or Thank you for calling,” your company name, the name of the receptionist, and an offer of assistance such as “How may I help you?” However, they are completely customizable to fit your business.

Are the Operators/Receptionist U.S. based?

DialRapid has U.S. based and off-site operator/receptionist. All of them speak clearly and professionally, and have neutral accents!

Can I Have A Dedicated Receptionist?

Yes, please check our pricing and get started.

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