Live Operator VS Answering Service

A virtual receptionist doesn’t provide the menus for callers to choose from. Instead, they answer the phone with a professional, friendly greeting for the caller. They help the caller receive the answers they seek for their questions. Only when the VR isn’t able to answer the questions or help the customer do they transfer them to someone else.

Appointment Scheduling

A team of trained receptionists are available to take calls, answer questions, book appointments and transfer live calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment reminders are beneficial to physicians that helps in building a better practice name, improve customer satisfaction and saves the frustration of no shows.

Email Response Management

We are the only virtual receptionist service providers offering email response management services. When customers send you email, they expect a fast response—even when you are out of the office, on the go, or it is after hours. Quick, accurate, and courteous email response handling will impress current clients and aid in customer acquisition, giving you the competitive edge.

Priority caller list

Live operators get a list of numbers to automatically forward when calls come through.

24×7 Coverage

We do not close after normal business hours. It answers calls with live operators at all hours of the day or night.

HIPAA Compliant

Our answering services and technology comply with HIPAA requirements

Custom options

We offers versatility with flexible options for using the service part-time, full-time or for taking overflow calls.

Supports All Specialists

Dialrapid supports healthcare providers and specialists from different fields; orthopedics, pediatricians, dentists, ENTs, general physicians to mention some.

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